TuffSign – Exterior Sublimatable Aluminium


Full-Colour Sublimation For The Outdoors!


What is TuffSign?

TuffSign is the most durable, exterior grade sublimation material available today. This sublimation friendly aluminium sheet is guaranteed to meet the demands of the harshest environment.

Great for exterior!

Perfect for challenging exterior applications this process delivers outstanding print quality and vivid colour. This material may be mounted with a wide range of traditional techniques including post, flag and wall mount using screws, slat systems, adhesive and tapes.

This material is offered in three finishes of Gloss, Matte,and Textured Finish.

What size can I get?

TuffSign panels come in a sheet size of 1200mm x 2400mm and can be cut to custom shapes and sizes without chipping and cracking.

Features and Benefits

Five-year warranty
• UV stability
• Bright white gloss, matte and textured finishes
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Heavy-gauge 1.3mm thickness
• Outstanding image transfer
• No lamination required
• Graffiti proof

Applications include

• Wayfinder Signage
• Exterior Signage
• Directories Signage
• Parks and Recreation
• Art and Photography

Wetland Sign

Australia Zoo Signs

Marker and Spray Paint

Cleaned Sign, Using common cleaning agents