Luminosity РTuffline Lightbox

Art Series Lightboxes with Printed Acrylic Graphics

The Luminosity Lightbox from our art series is designed with the discerning artist in mind.

This lightbox is made with a discrete black extrusion designed for
high-end backlit displays.

Luminosity is illuminated with an LED ladder-light system giving even light throughout the whole graphic with no dull areas or hot spots. The lightbox comes with a transformer which can also be dimmable giving you the greatest control of the lighting.

The graphics are printed by a process called Day & Night. Graphics look great whether viewed in the day with the lightbox turned off, or at night with the lightbox turned on.

This unique process is onto a clear acrylic on the reverse side to protect the graphic and also to give the art a high gloss finish. You can also replace the acrylic graphic if necessary.

If you want to showcase your artwork with the greatest quality & impact, our Luminosity Lightbox is made just for you.

Checkout this photographic exhibition in the Sydney Maritime Museum


65mm Tuffline Luminosity – Acrylic

Our Art Series Lightboxes with Printed Acrylic Graphics
designed for wall mounting
Size: 65x45mm