Dye sublimated fabric or soft signage

Fabric frames fitted with SEG fabric graphics (short for Silicone Edge Graphics),also called push-fit fabric because of the way they are installed into the frame.

Our soft signage fabric is made from recycled polyester.


Dye sublimated fabric

Stretched fabrics in the stylish Tuffline frame allows for an easy changeover and create great new opportunities for keeping your message fresh and engaging in the retail space. This lightweight but sturdy graphic solution looks permanent but the textile can be changed in minutes. Tuffline Fabric can also provide acoustic benefits to a room.

Graphics can be made to almost any size and cover larger areas, several Tuffline fabric frames can be joined together to form a grid.

What exactly is dye sublimation fabric printing?

Dye sublimated fabric printing is popular way to print high-quality, colourful images on materials. It entails employing unique printing technology that transfers dye onto the cloth, resulting in long-lasting and durable print. Here’s step-by-step guide on dye sublimation fabric printing:

Image Transmission: Using sublimation printer, print the design onto specialised sublimation paper. Use sublimation inks that are engineered to change from solid to gas when heated.

Polyester fibres offer stronger affinity for sublimation inks, producing more brilliant and long-lasting prints. Check that the fabric is clean and free of pollutants or creases.

Heat press setup: temperature and pressure settings should be adjusted according to the fabric and sublimation paper specifications.

When place the sublimated paper on the cloth with the printed design facing down. Once the paper and fabric are properly aligned the transfer process begins by applying pressure and heat. The sublimation inks on the paper are converted into a gas during this process and permeate the fabric’s fibres, resulting in a permanent connection.
Dye sublimated fabric printing offers several advantages, such as vibrant and detailed prints, excellent colourfastness, durability, and the ability to print complex designs without any noticeable texture on the fabric. It is commonly used for custom apparel, sportswear, home textiles, promotional items and our fabric frames and lightboxes.

Ink is heat-set into the woven fabric giving a soft look and feel and also allows for gentle washing in a machine if the graphic was too get dirty.T his process delivers a natural organic look while maintaining fantastic colour and resolution accuracy.

Dye sublimated fabric printing or sometimes referred to as soft signage has grown out of the textile and fashion design industries. Using dye sublimation print technologies now allow for small or single run items too large and long-run productions. There is now a demand for printed dye sublimated fabric or soft signage for use in the retail POS environment utilizing fabric frames with silicone edge graphics or SEG.

What is "Easy Fit"

SEG is an abbreviation for Silicone Edge Graphics. Our recycled signature fabrics Easy to Fit, are easily interchangeable in our Tuffline Lightboxes, they fit every time because they stretch. By installing the corners first you will have a perfect evenly stretched fabric graphic. 

The flexible edging is inserted into the lightbox extrusion on all sides, this keeps the fabric taut and wrinkle-free, for the perfect viewing experience. Using our Easy Fit Tuffline fabrics makes changing out your in-store promotion so much easier.

Ask us about our fabric graphic recycling program!

SEG fabric graphics are commonly utilised in trade show displays, shop signage, interior décor, event backgrounds, and exhibition booths. We use Polyester fabric, printed with high-quality images utilising dye-sublimation.

SEG fabric graphics have several advantages, including their lightweight and portable nature, ease of installation and changeability, colourful and high-resolution images, and the ability to construct large-scale displays without obvious seams. They also create a visually appealing modern and professional appearance. and stand out in the retail environment.

Overall, SEG fabric graphics have grown in popularity among businesses and organisations seeking adaptable and aesthetically compelling signage and displays and managing the freight and install process. They are easy to fit and ship in a carton or satchel.

We use recycled polyester and we recycle our fabric

Dye Sublimated fabric

Graphic Edging: 1.5mm x 9mm

Defuser fabric is sometimes an option

A special feature of the single sided frame is that it allows for a 2nd blank fabric skin to be installed directly beneath the graphic skin. This helps minimise bleed through from behind the graphic.

Tuffline fabric SEG