Dye sublimated fabric

Dye sublimated fabric printing

Soft signage – Taking dye sublimated fabric print to the next level.

Tuffline Fabric, our borderless framing system, provides a seamless and captivating visual experience. Immerse yourself in the magic of dye sublimation fabric printing, where vibrant colours and intricate designs come to life.

SEG, or Silicone Edge Graphics, and Tuffline fabric frames offer a lightweight yet sturdy solution that delivers an engaging look, perfect for retail spaces or trade show displays. Join the sustainable movement by using recycled polyester fabric. Make a bold statement with Tuffline Fabric Media.

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SEG - digital fabric

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) is a type of graphic printed to polyester made from recycled materials. Our graphics are dye sublimated fabric prints that are stretched taut over our Tuffline frames using a silicone strip sewn into the edge of the fabric. The silicone strip is inserted into a narrow groove in the frame, creating a seamless and sleek appearance with the graphic appearing edge-to-edge without any visible hardware.

SEG fabric graphics are commonly utilised in retail environments, trade show displays, shop signage, interior décor, event backgrounds, and exhibition booths. We use Polyester fabric, printed with high-quality images utilising dye-sublimation.

SEG fabric graphics have several advantages, including their lightweight and portable nature, ease of installation and changeability, colourful and high-resolution images, and the ability to construct large-scale displays without obvious seams. They also create a visually appealing modern and professional appearance. and stand out in the retail environment.

Overall, SEG fabric graphics have grown in popularity among businesses and organisations seeking adaptable and aesthetically compelling signage and displays and managing the freight and install process. They are easy to fit and ship in a carton or satchel.

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What is dye sublimation fabric printing?

Fabric graphics with silicone edges (SEG) or dye sublimated fabrics and banners.

Dye-sublimated fabric printing is a popular way to print high-quality, colourful images on materials. It entails employing a unique printing technology and heat process that transfers dye into the fabric, resulting in a long-lasting and durable print.

The evolution of fabrics for retail promotions is undoubtedly driven by cost savings. The cost of hiring specialised installers can be avoided by having store employees easily install these larger graphics. When done right, fabric graphics are more affordable and visually superior to all other options.