Tuffline CUBE

Tuffline CUBE extrusion

Ideal for creating boxed graphics


Easy to assemble and light weight
Size: 55x32mm

For maximum coverage

The CUBE is a great to maximize your message, wrap a column or suspend from the ceiling.

Freestanding or hanging graphic cubes

Tuffline Fabric Cube is a versatile indoor display solution. The frame is easily assembled after which the fabric graphics are quickly and easily applied. The system can be assembled by your staff – saving on installation costs.

Cube is light weight and easily transportable. A variety of rectangular shapes can be made. The system can be used for retail, office interior and trade display applications. Suspending from ceiling is possible with our ShopCable system.

Tuffline Single Sided Peelback magnetic graphic

Corner knuckle


Extrusions attached



Fabric graphics applied




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