Tuffline – digital fabric solutions

Digital fabric frames that create impact.
Making graphics installation and replacement easy!

Integrating fabric and magnetic graphics into your space.

Tuffline fabric and aluminium graphic frames.
Designed and manufactured in Australia.


Digital Fabric

Witness the remarkable trend of digital fabric graphics in the market. As one of the fastest-growing segments, Tuffline digital fabric graphics are revolutionising retail promotions, point-of-sale displays, and trade show graphics. Embrace the soft signage trend and make your brand stand out.

RecyclingWe consider it crucial to provide a sustainable solution for the disposal of our fabrics and papers. Our transfer paper is collected and recycled by a local card and paper recycler to ensure minimal waste.
Furthermore, all of our fabrics and substrates, including acoustic boards, have been assessed and approved by BlockTexx for recycling.

Last year, we diverted 12400 kg from landfill.

Fabric Frames

Looking for a stylish and versatile way to showcase your graphics? Look no further! Our fabric frames are handcrafted with top-notch aluminium, ensuring durability and a sleek look. Perfect for trade shows, retail spots, events, and exhibitions, our Tuffline fabric frames come in both single and double-sided options.

Say goodbye to boring signage and hello to a contemporary display system that screams style!

LED Lightboxes

We design and manufacture LED lightboxes and print Tuffline digital fabric graphics, essential display items for retailers and exhibitors. Illuminated ladders lit lightboxes – particularly helpful for active retailers and exhibitors. Fabric graphics are the ideal choice for our LED lightboxes as they offer fantastic colour intensity and accuracy.

We recommend trying out our EasyFit fabric for the best results.

We also have magnetic solutions

Tuffline Magnetic has unique ingenuity… removable and renewable graphics that attach by means of magnetic strips to its frame. Graphics are easy to remove with the supplied suction cap. An amazingly simple solution, that creates visually arresting displays.

borderless framing system

Fabric frames and backdrops

Tuffline uses fabric textile graphics in this fabric framing system, unique addition to the Tuffline series. SEG or Silicone Edge Graphics are printed using the dye-sublimated process. This digital technology that involves the transfer of ink from printed paper using heat and pressure turning it into a gas that permeates the polymer fibres on a molecular level. The image becomes a part of the fabric instead of sitting on top of the fabric.

borderless framing system

LED lighboxes with fabric print

We specialise in fabric faced LED lightboxes, and illuminated  Ladder lit lights. This borderless framing system using fabric graphics is ideal for our LED lightboxes allowing for incredible colour intensity and accuracy.

Lightbox Depot is a great place to find our latest lightbox projects.

Tuffline Magnetic frame

Magnetic graphic solutions

Graphics are easy to apply with the unique Tuffline magnetic strip and easy to remove with the supplied suction cap. We have an array of different frames to suit your graphic and display needs, in both single and double sided.

TuffSign – metal outdoor signs

TuffSign is the most durable, exterior-grade sublimation material available today. This sublimation friendly aluminium sheet is guaranteed to meet the demands of the harshest environment.
TuffSign comes with great outdoor durability of colour and a 5 year performance warranty.